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About Luzette

Luzette is a french restaurant in Stockholm that opened in 2014 as a central railway brasserie in the the city centre. The menu includes french classics and dishes from our rôtisserie. The restaurant attracts a broad audience, from businesspeople and travellers to residents and regulars looking for a holistic culinary experience.

A restaurant grounded in history


From the central hall you are led in by the Luzette lights in the ceiling; the lamp from which the restaurant gets its name. Today you will find a modern version in the central hall, while the classic lamp from the 1920s can be found at the restaurant. These, together with over 100 other unique light sources, have set the mark for what Luzette should be; bright, inviting, iconic, and with high ceilings. Visiting Luzette is a fantastic dining experience that feels like a journey through time.

In a similar way to the brasseries Le Train Bleu in Paris or the Grand Central Oyster Bar in New York, Luzette is a restaurant founded with the feeling of the place where early 20th century and high-class service set the standard"


The premises once acted as a roundhouse for the locomotives at the central station and later as a baggage hall. The building is K-marked from 1871, meaning that the windows, walls and floor are still intact. Like the brasseries Le Train Bleu in Paris or the Grand Central Oyster Bar in New York, Luzette is a restaurant where early 20th century and high-class service sets the standard. Today, the restaurant attracts a broad audience looking for more than just good food. Whether you are arriving or are on your way, Luzette is an experience for those looking for something special between time and space.



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