Luzette opened October 3, 2014, at Stockholm Central station. Behind the restaurant is Svenska Brasserier who also run restaurants Sturehof, Riche, Teatergrillen, Ulriksdals Värdshus and Taverna Brillo.

Luzette is a modern brasserie. Inspired by classic restaurants in central stations. The aim behind the concept has been to create an environment that gives a sense of luxury and provides the opportunity to relax in an otherwise highly active environment. The restaurant has 120 seats distributed in the dining area, a bar and an outdoor dining area.  

THE MENU With Johan Wilhelmsson as Head Chef and Ola Stålnacke as Creative leader, Luzette’s menu is a menu to crave for. The menu focuses on food from the rôtisserie, classics and Luzette specials.

INTERIOR DESIGN The premises is from 1871. Walls and floor remains intact and Swedish interior designer Jonas Bohlin decorate with primarily Swedish materials; limestone, granite, tile, brass, marble and wood.

THE NAME Luzette derives from the word luz (light), which agrees well with a restaurant with high ceilings and a great flow of light. The name Luzette is inspired by a luminaire that Peter Behrens designed in the 1920’s that was found in the main building at Stockholm Central station. A more modern version can be found there today and the luminaire is also found at Luzette alongside Jonas Bohlin’s luminaire.